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Department of Transportation physicals are exams done by certified professionals. This type of physical is a requirement to obtain a commercial driver's license. The exam is designed to determine a patient’s overall health as well as their ability to perform specific tests that directly correlate to driving a commercial vehicle safely on the road. The purpose of DOT physicals is to be medically certain that the mental and physical health of our truck drivers meet specific guidelines that keep our roadways as safe as possible. 

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 What are we testing for?

(All tests are used to determine the driver’s health and their ability to operate a commercial vehicle safely.)

  • Adequate vision and hearing
  • Strength to perform specific movements
  • Blood Pressure within normal limits
  • Risk for/ severity of diabetes
  • Miscellaneous tests for organ function

What to expect at the time of your visit?

  • Patient paperwork:
    • Health history, Past history, Diet etc.
  • Physical Exam:
    • Eye, Ear, Mouth, Urinalysis, Blood Pressure, etc.
  • Physicians Interpretations of Exam and Recommendations

Nationally Certified Medical Examiner

Chase Crabtree, D.C.

1308 12th Ave South

Great Falls, MT 59405

DOT National Registry number: 281-130-6374

Crabtree, Chase | Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (dot.gov)

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