Why Choose Dr. Cavin


Why Choose Dr. Liz?

1. Liz Cavin is a Naturopathic Doctor who actually cares! She wants to show you that her willingness to help you as an individual will make a huge difference in YOUR life!

2. She has experience and is well studied in Naturopathic Solutions! She is able to address acute and chronic medical conditions. This is done by using herbs, vitamins, bio-identical hormones, diet, lifestyle changes, homeopathy, trigger point therapy, neural therapy and relaxation techniques!

3. Dr. Liz Cavin has a diverse background in her natural health care. Not only is she a naturopath she was also a licensed massage therapist for 14 years.



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  • "Dr. Walter is a fantastic clinician and a wonderful person. I am so thankful I came to her with a difficult medical issue that was rudely dismissed by another healthcare proffessional. She immediately got to work with research and diagnostics and treated me with such respect and care in the process. Oh, and she does great adjustments on top of it!"
    Brianne P.
  • "I have been seeing Dr Kate for about a year now and she is amazing! She has a wonderful personality funny and caring and has alot of diffrent ways she can adjust you. And she's pretty easy to get into. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of an adjustment!!"
    Hannah M.
  • "Dr. Walter is a wonderful clinician and an even better person! My experience with her was nothing short of fantastic! She is one of the most caring chiropractors you will meet and you will be in good hands under her care"
    Jason V.
  • "Dr. Walter's smile alone will help you out with your aches and pains! But seriously, she is an incredible chiropractor! I highly recommend her with ANY health concerns you may have!"
    Ike W.