Massage Services:

Do you need to Relax, Refresh, or Renew? Look at the many sessions you can choose! Come in and enjoy Massage Therapy in Great Falls, Montana at Purvis Chiropractic! Give us a Call at 406-453-8885 to Schedule your Massage! 

90 Minute Massage Session $110

A ninety minute massage session that allows time to focus deeply on multiple areas of complaints or full body massage. 

60 Minute Massage Session $80.00

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A sixty minute massage session allows time to focus on multiple areas of complaints or a full body.

30 Minute Massage Session $50.00

Thirty minutes of focused work in a specific region. 

30 minute Cupping Session $50.00

Cupping can be added to any Massage with our Massage Therapist or you can have a session of just cupping. 

Prenatal Massage Session $80.00

A sixty minute massage session for mom-to-be focusing on relaxation and any muscle tension. This helps ease the pregnancy pain that you may be going through. Are you experiencing low back pain, tension in your shoulders, rib pain or pelvic pain? You don't need to suffer for 9 months! Call Purvis Chiropractic in Great Falls, MT to schedule your Prenatal Massage! 

$10 Dollar Punch Cards:

When you buy one of our punch cards there are 10 punches. You will end up paying for 9 massages and you can get your 10th Massage free!