Restoring Cervical Curve

Restore the Normal Curve in your Neck

Did you know that you are meant to have a curve in your neck?

Your curve in your neck is a secondary curve that develops in your spine as you grow. This natural curve develops as the baby starts to learn to hold their head up. The neck, also know as "The Cervical Spine", and is an important part of your spine. If your cervical spine doesn't have a healthy curve it can actually be quite problematic! Before we go into some issues and how chiropractic can help restore a healthy spine, lets talk about the
types of curves your cervical spine can have.

1. Lordotic Curve: is the natural and HEALTHY curve you want your neck to have. This is a C-shaped curve where your the curvature goes towards your chin.

2. Hyperlordotic/Hypolordotic: This means there is either an increase (hyper) or a decrease (hypo) in the degree of the curve in your Cervical spine. A hypolordoctic or no curve is also known as a flat neck.

3. Reverse Curve/Kyphotic: This means your spine is actually starting to curve in the opposite direction that it is suppose to curve.

4. S-Curve: This is when you have both a lordotic and a reverse/kyphotic curve.

Your spine was meant to have curvatures in your spine. Without these proper curvatures in your spine you actually lack the shock absorption these curves are designed to help you with. Improper curvatures increase the risk of premature degeneration in the spine as well as many other health issues.

Reasons people lose their Cervical Curve...
People can lose their cervical curve many ways. The most common way is from a traumatic event. These traumatic events may include car
accident/collisions with a result of whiplash, a blow to the head, or even a slip and fall. When a traumatic event occurs, your ligaments are stretched out causing there to be a laxity in your spine, which allows the neck to curve in a direction other than the healthy Lordotic curve. People can also lose their lordotic curve from a prolonged poor posture or even a result from poor head control as a baby from birth.

Unhealthy Curves can cause...

Dr Chase adjusting

A lot of patients who have an unhealthy curve tend to have frequent Headaches or Migraines. Unhealthy curves cause tension in the muscles in the neck and cause a dysfunction of the biomechanics of how your neck works. This can also cause referral or radiating pain down into the shoulder, arm, or even up into the scalp. Patients tend to deal with these symptoms and don't realize that the root of their problem is actually coming from their cervical curve and they don't have a problem in the shoulder or arm.

Chiropractic can help by...

Chiropractic adjustments paired with neuromuscluar exercises and therapies can help bring back an ideal curve which is lordotic curve back into the cervical spine. With these specific treatments to restore the cervical curve can help reduce the symptoms that the patient may be experiencing. In some cases these treatments have helped patients headaches and migraines to dissipate or even disappear completely. Chiropractic can provide great relief for patients!

If you would like more recommendations for how to restore a healthy cervical curve or just ways to improve your daily life, come on in to Purvis Chiropractic for a consultation!