Worker's Compensation

Do you think you have had a workers compensation injury?
There are three criteria to be eligible for workers compensation.
1. You must be an employee of the of the company and injured in the course
of your employment.
2. The company has to have workers compensation insurance.
3. Your injury or illness must be work-related.

What is workers compensation?
Workers compensation is a government system that is there to protect and care for employees who have endured an occupational injury.

man in pain due to over lifting at work What are common occupational injuries?
* Falls from heights to lower levels
* Slip and Fall
* Repetitive motions
* Lifting or lowering objects and overextending/overflexing
* Falling debris or objects
* Work-related motor vehicle accident
* Carpal Tunnel syndrome
* Low back Strain
* Shoulder Strain

Once I've been injured what do I do next?
Get documentation. After the injury has occurred make sure you get documentation of the circumstances of how the injury happened. Report to your employer of the injury.Call to schedule an appointment.

In Montana, can I choose my own physician?
For the initial treatment you may choose the treating physician you want to see. However, once the liability has been accepted by the insurer they may designated the treating physician for your workers compensation case or approve your choice of Physician.Chiropractic is an excellent way to help with an injury you may have gotten while doing your job.You will be evaluated as to the nature of your injury, and determine if a referral is necessary.

Finding the underlying cause of why you are in your pain from your workers compensation issue can help decrease the probability of the injury becoming a chronic problem. Using chiropractic techniques, Purvis Chiropractic Doctors will first locate the source of your injury. The next step is to restore your Range of Motion as well as decrease your Pain levels. Once you have restored your Range of Motion you will next be moved into the rehabilitation stage of your treatment. This includes regaining your strength and restoring your normal function.

The goal of chiropractors are to help improve your injury with out using the addictive pain medications (opioids), risky surgery, or having to deal with the injury for a prolonged period of time. Chiropractic is a non-invasive way and natural way to promote healthy healing for your occupational injury.