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Welcome New Patients!

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Health First - Purvis Chiropractic is the largest diversified clinic in Great Falls, Montana! When you come to Purvis Chiropractic you will notice that we actually have Three Chiropractors and Four Massage Therapist! We pride ourselves on being a holistic clinic. Holistic means we look at you as a whole person and all factors that could be causing your complaint and not just the physical aspect of it.

With Covid-19 we have add a few more policies when you come in. You are more than welcome to do Curbside Check-in. Just call when you get here (406)453-8885. Please wear a mask when entering the building. Once in the treatment room you are more than welcome to take it off while the Doctor is examining and treating you. Your temperature will be taken at the front desk where either Christina, Skyler or Tasha will be welcoming you to our clinic. 

What Brings you in...
Going to the Chiropractor may be a new experience for you. Maybe you have heard from a friend of yours or you have done your research online. The most common complaint that brings a new patient into a chiropractor's office is Low Back Pain. Usually this comes from doing a repetitive motion over and over. This motion could be anything from just putting your dishes away, picking up your child, or doing lifting at work. We are also and accident and injury clinic. We see a lot of people who have been in car accidents and have gotten whiplash or the patient hurt themselves while at work. Patients also come for a multitude of things such as: back pain, elbow pain, knee pain, pregnancy pain just to name a few.

You may also be coming in for a Massage. Most people think of relaxation and stress relief however Massage Therapy can also have many other benefits. Please look at our Massage Therapy Tab to get more information! 

What to expect when you first arrive...

As with any doctor's visit, you will start by filling out new patient paperwork. This paperwork goes through your personal history and what is going on with your current complaint. Once the paperwork is complete you will be sent back to a room to meet with one of the chiropractors in the clinic either Dr. Julia, Dr. Cait, or Dr. Chase. Upon meeting the doctor, you will then discuss your complaint and go through a history and have a physical examination to rule in our rule out the main reason to your complaint. If a chiropractor is the best option for you then you will be treated or if a chiropractor isn't what you need then the chiropractors would refer you to the best option for you. Once the physical examination is completed you will then discuss what your goals are for your treatment and the type of care you want.

Types of Care...
There are a few types of care you can decided to go with. The types of care include but are not limited to: Initial Intensive care, Rehabilitation care, and Maintenance/Wellness care.

Initial Intensive Care - means getting you out of your immediate pain. Once you are out of the pain you can be complete with your treatment.

Rehabilitation Care - means rehabbing you back from your initial injury once the pain is gone. So for instance if you have whiplash, you will first be treated to get you out of pain, then you would be treated to rehab your neck to a sense of "normalcy".

Maintenance/Wellness Care - means taking you from your rehab treatment to keeping you from getting that pain again. So think about your teeth or eyes. You go back to get those checked twice a year to once a year. Your spine needs that same kind of check up.


Dr. Cait performing adjustment

Once you have your physical exam completed then comes getting adjusted and feeling better. How does it work... you ask? Chiropractic is based on the idea of removing imbalances structural, postural, and muscluoskeletal. Once these imbalances are fixed then your body is able to function at its best ability and start healing itself. Your body has a thing called innate intelligence. For example... when you scrape your knee and it starts
bleeding you body goes into an automatic healing function and starts the clotting process so that you stop bleeding. When you get adjusted, you get a boost to your innate intelligence so that your brain and the rest of your body is able to communicate easier and faster. You have a network of nerves and signals from your brain, that go through your spine, and then out to your body. Then you have a network of nerves and signals that go from your body, through your spine, and then to your brain. When there is a interruption such as a restriction in your spine these signals are not able to flow freely. Chiropractors have the ability and skill to reduce these restrictions so that the body is able to perform the way it was meant to and there are no longer any interruptions in your network of your nervous system.

Yes! We take Insurance!  We also accept most major credit cards, HSA cards, care credit, cash and checks. 

Most plans actually cover chiropractic care. Give us a call with your information and our office manager will call your insurance company and can give you the exact details of your coverage.

If you have any more questions about a new patient appointment please don't hesitate to give us a call and ask!