Patient Resources

Welcome to Purvis Chiropractic! 


Here you will find information about our clinic as well as if you click on the tab for patient resources you will find the following:

* New Patients: Everything here you will find what to expect on your first visit.

* Phases of Care: There are 3 types of care which include Relief care, Corrective care, and Wellness care. 

Online Forms: We have made it easy! You can fill out and print your paperwork before you arrive.

* Payment Options: Here you can learn more about our payment options for chiropractic, massage therapy and dry needling. 

* Make a Payment: If you have received a statement you can now pay online! 

* Links: We have created a tab where you can find other links to websites, articles, or other practices that may be helpful for your care.

* 3D Spine Simulator: Here is a fun interactive tool that can help show if there is a misalignment in your spine and the other areas that are influenced to have symptoms from that one "Ouchie".